New York City based fine jewelry designer, creator, and entrepreneur Jaime Love has always been passionate about jewelry and diamonds, particularly as a creative vehicle for self-expression. 

Growing up in New York, Jaime was exposed to the fashion capital of the world from the moment she was born. As a young girl with strong family values, she was eager to learn from her uncle about his expertise in a major sector of the fashion universe: jewelry. She was dazzled by the shining diamonds, but she was even more intrigued by the process of incorporating them into her own jewelry. Years later, she is making her dream a reality.

In 2020, Jaime started designing her own pendants, charms, and rings. J’aime New York’s boundless collections put distinctive spins on classic looks, exuding a perfect blend of confidence and class. And now, it’s time for her to share her artistic eye with the world.

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